Now is the time for the residents of Maryland to stand up for our rights. No national organization is going to do it for us. No amount of radical ranting will succeed. We need to take back our rights where they are being stomped upon – in the backrooms and offices of our elected officials. And the way to do it is at the polls.

That’s why Take Back Maryland a political action committee (“PAC”) was formed.

Take Back Maryland’s mission is simple: to establish a major funding source to recover the 2nd Amendment Rights stolen from our law-abiding citizens by Governor O’Malley and the anti-2nd Amendment cadre in the Maryland General Assembly.

Here at Take Back Maryland, we will protect our legal and constitutional rights as an expression of our freedoms.  And we will work to elect pro-rights candidates, while actively opposing those that do not support Marylander’s rights.

The PAC is our vehicle for raising funds to influence the election and re-elections of True Maryland Patriots who respect the rights of Maryland Citizens, the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights contained therein.

It’s time to take back Maryland. Come join us.


Unlike other organizations, all funds collected will stay in Maryland, to advance the rights of Maryland Citizens. Your Contribution will be used to elect pro-rights Maryland government candidates, to educate the public, and to oppose those who do not support the rights of Maryland’s citizens.

Unable to make a financial contribution, but still want to show support? We will add you to our mailing list so you can follow our progress.